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Sleepy Blend Essential Oil

Sleepy Blend Essential Oil

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A sleepy blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils for use in a diffuser. This unique blend created by our expert aromatherapist creates an atmosphere of calm and peace, encouraging a gentle, natural sleep for both you and baby.  

  • 100% pure natural essential oils 
  • Natural - Vegan - Fair Trade - Cruelty Free - Made in the UK
  • Aids sleep naturally
  • Tiddley Pom Sleepy Diffuser Blend works best in the Kharis or Sohpie diffuser 
  • A perfect mix of English lavender, grapefruit, petitgrain and ho wood oils – light floral notes, combined with sweet citrus, green notes and a gentle woody base makes this the perfect calming and sleepy blend for nurseries and even your bedroom
  • Put 3 drops into the water container in your diffuser and to let the beautiful sleepy aroma gently diffuse into the air
  • Safe to use in nursery and bedrooms, switch on the diffuser containing the sleepy blend 15 minutes before bedtime 
  • Can be used for all ages from birth to 99 and above
  • It contains English lavender, ho wood, pink grapefruit and Sicilian petitgrain
  • Amber glass bottles can be recycled, please remove the label and plastic dropper, wash out the bottle and add to your household recycling  
  • Not to be ingested, avoid contact with eyes and mouth 

Size: 10ml of essential sleepy blend oil in Amber glass bottles