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Premium Starter Pack

Premium Starter Pack

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When you purchase the premium pack you immerse yourself into the top quality, best selling aromatherapy essential oil range in addition to the ever popular Tiddley-Pom for Mother & Baby. With an investment of just £39 valued at £68.60 it doesn’t take long for you to succeed and prosper.

Only you as a TP authorised and sponsored partner have access to this specialist premium pack. 


1 x 30ml Wash & Shampoo

1 x 30ml Massage Oil

1 x 30ml Soothing Lotion

1 x 30ml Baby Balm

1 x training DVD

20 x Brochures

1 x pad of Order forms

1 X 30ml Aromatherapy shed Wash

1 x 30ml Aromatherapy Shed Lotion

1 x Tiddley Pom Cotton pull string bag.

1 x 10ml Sleepy Blend Essential

1 x 10ml purifying blend Essential