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Independent Teachers

Tiddley Pom has partnered with independent baby masseur teachers and associated practitioners to create Tiddley Pom’s Business in a Bag. We work with independent teachers and are recommended as preferred oil partners by baby massage teacher training providers - Blossom and Berry and more. 

The cost of entry is kept to an absolute minimum and consists of you choosing a Business in a Bag and class oil volume that suits your needs. 
The bags contain a full size sample of all our main spa products for you to showcase in class to your parents. You choose which bag of products you would like to have samples of. You also choose at this point, the volume of 50ml class organic sunflower massage oil bottles you would like to purchase. 
That's it - your membership starts as soon as you decide and purchase which business in a bag option and pre-filled 50ml class organic sunflower massage oil volume suits your needs. 
Once you are a member you can access marketing material, order samples, view special offers, the trade shop and check your commission earnings from this page.