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The lockdown mamma!

For Tiddley Pom Natural Baby Spa - Mums are at the centre of our focus -  we believe if they are supported and happy, their children are far more likely to feel happy and live to their full potential. 

All our products are designed with Mums and Nature at their heart. More than this, every single product has been created and designed by Mums. 

During Lockdown and im sure you have all been there ( I know we have many a time) you’ve had ‘one of those days.’  Your little one didnt want to adhere to your  napping schedule nor did they want to sleep through the night!  The sunnier days of early June feel like a lifetime ago it’s been raining all day and your cabin fever is climbing. 

So you create a Zoom call with the other mummies in your virtual group, just as you join on video chat, your eldest brings the potty to the middle of the room to "go poo poo" and your darling baby decides now is the right moment to "sick up" that last bit of milk into your hair.. 

Sound familiar? Look we have all been there, and believe me Mum we have your back! 


Quit the call, Pop on the Sophie diffuser and add the sleepy blend oil.  then run a bubbly bath for both toddler and baby using Tiddley Pom baby wash and watch them both delight in the bubbles.  

Then fresh smelling from their bath, wrapped in a big fluffy towel you can transport your bundles of joy to the bedroom and create a home from home spa.. Tiddley Pom Baby massage oil warming in your hands,  massage music on and the diffuser doing its work filling the room with natural essential oils. 

Then when at the end of a day that feels like it has lasted a week, take some time for you. Call your friends back for a proper chat, curl up with full control of Netflix or reach for an actual hot cup of tea and chocolate biscuit. Whatever gets you through today.. 

Tiddley Pom, Iris Munro and Aromatherapy Shed try to deliver on mums want and need every day. We will always try to create and sell products that our mums and dads are crying out for –  if you’re a parent and think there’s something missing from the market, chat to us 

Until next time – Tomorrow will be better, you'll master the nap time, catch up with friends in the park at a distance and drink of an entire cup of hot tea.

Keep going - You’re doing great.