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Business in a Bag - Independent - How does it work?

Tiddley Pom – Business in a Bag membership 

Tiddley Pom has retailed beautiful organic and natural products for 8 years and promote the benefits of parent/baby bonding with activities like baby massage and yoga. As such, we have added a new arm to our business and have developed a trade service ‘Business in a Bag’ to our brand. Now we endeavor to create close working partnerships with like-minded teachers such as yourself. 

What's the offer?

3 Business in a Bag options allows you to stock our oil for your classes and to also sell Tiddley Pom Products at a discounted rate to your parents. PLUS for every sale you make - we pay 15% commission to you. You will be earning from day one, on ALL sales, no target, no pyramid sale. Just you and Tiddley Pom - Working together in partnership.

What's the cost?

You determine that when you choose your Massage oil volume and the business in a bag option that suits you Prices start at £91+vat for Spa bag and 40 x 50ml Organic class massage oil. 


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